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In the world of television, many new series are created every year. In recent years, reality television has been a big hit, and it has been accepted by the general public. In every new series, the producers introduce more dramas, and stories become more interesting. Among all the reality television shows, one of the most interesting series of 2010 was Basketball Wives. The series focuses on the stories of various women who are in relationships with professional basketball players. Additionally, the series also showcases the lives of women who struggle with their partners' mischief and business adventures while trying to sustain healthy relationships.

In its first few seasons, Basketball Wives was shot in Miami and Los Angeles. Over the nest few reasons, the series was based in New York. The first season made its debut in April of 2010. The series received positive reviews and feedback from the audience and was signed for a second season. The second season premiered eight months later, in December of 2010. Riding on the hype and positive reviews from the previous season, the show continued to receive good ratings, and the fan base grew. Due to popular demand, the next two seasons were signed and produced. The third season premiered on May of 2011, with new cast members added to the core group. The latest season premiered on February of 2012. The show is running on VH1 right now, and there have been speculations regarding a fifth season.

The cast of Basketball Wives is composed of versatile actresses who are real life partners of professional basketball players, and the cast has been excellent in expressing their individual characters. The cast is headlined by Shaunie O'Neal, the producer of the show and the main character in the series, Evelyn Lozada, ex-fiancee of Antoine Walker, Suzie Ketcham, ex-girlfriend of Michael Olowokandi and Kanya Bell, wife of Charlie Bell.

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on VH1
7 Seasons, 93 Episodes
April 11, 2010
Cast: Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O'Neal, Royce Reed
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Basketball Wives Full Episode Guide

  • Malaysia attempts to face her fears and meets with a police officer. Tami’s cold feet about marriage get icier. Jackie hosts a premiere party for her Public Service Announcement, but things go left when Tami and Jen go head to head.

  • Evelyn's trip to Puerto Rico becomes a more emotional experience than she bargained for. Jen enlists professional help to solve her love life issues. Malaysia has a difficult talk with her son. Jackie helps Reggie plan next step.

  • Shaunie investigates a rumor that could blow up the group, but it results in more questions than answers. Malaysia is pleasantly surprised when Cece and Byron set her up on a blind date. Tami lashes out and says something she can't take back.

  • Jackie stars in a play. OG deals with the death of her brother, the loss ultimately brings her and an enemy close. The Wives come out to support Jackie's play, but there's just as much drama off-stage.

  • Tami lashes out at Evelyn, leaving the entire group taking cover and taking sides. As an escape, Evelyn puts together a charity event, but Shaunie refuses to welcome Jen. Malaysia tries to get CeCe and Kristen past their conflict.

  • Shaunie investigates a rumor that could blow up the group, but it results in more questions than answers. Malaysia is pleasantly surprised when Cece and Byron set her up on a blind date. Tami lashes out and says something she can't take back

  • Between side-boob and side-eye, newbie OG isn't winning any friends. Jackie trades acting out for acting on stage in her quest for personal growth. Evelyn strengthens her friendship with Jen as she struggles to make a final decision about her embryos.

  • Jackie is brought back to a dark place and realizes she wants to move forward in her life through therapy. OG and Kristen butt heads. Tami is over Jen trying to mend fences with her and Evelyn. Shaunie wants her new business to be a family venture.

  • Jackie wants everyone to get to know OG better and plans a pool day in her honor. Tensions fly between Tami and Evelyn. Cece is concerned with the impact of the rumor and plans a do-over with the ladies. Newbies Kristen and OG exchange juicy digs.

  • Evelyn grapples with a big decision regarding her frozen embryos. Tami is curious as to why Jen got so close to Evelyn after talking smack about her behind the scenes. A rumor about Byron Scott’s girlfriend, Cece, travels through the group.

  • Recently single Evelyn shows off her revenge body. Tami stays booked & busy with an appearance on Wild N' Out. Malaysia brings in a new crew; Kristen Scott and Cece Gutierrez. Jen goes to court for a restraining order on her ex.

  • Jennifer Williams returns and three new women join the team, meet the new cast of Basketball Wives Season 7.

  • The women gather for the first time after the Miami trip; Jackie and Evelyn push their relationship to the limits; Cristen is confronted.

  • Evelyn receives a copy of Ta'kari's manuscript; Jackie and Evelyn sit face-to-face; Shaunie and Jackie's friendship is tested.

  • Shaunie invites the ladies to Miami to take a trip down memory lane. Kijafa Vick and Jeniva Samuel invite the ladies on a gorgeous yacht. Jackie is stuck on a boat with Evelyn and confronts Shaunie about an interview she did about her.

  • Tami breaks the news to Reggie; Malaysia feels divided from the group; Evelyn and Jackie see each other for the first time since Shaunie's event.

  • Jackie tries to broker a truce between Saniy'yah and Hazel; Jen Williams returns to the group; Evelyn and Jen speak to each other for the first time in seven years.

  • After the altercation with Jackie and Evelyn, the group is fractured. Tami hands over her “momager” roll when her daughter Jazz gets signed to a record label. Also: An uninvited guest makes an appearance at Saniy'yah's party.

  • Tami suggests the gals set out on a jaunt to New York City; Evelyn takes Shaunie on a trip down memory lane in the Bronx; Jackie drives Evelyn to her breaking point; and all hell breaks loose at drinks.

  • Malaysia spends time with her kids; Jackie finds out that Evelyn isn't happy with her; and things come to a head with Evelyn and Jackie at a party that Evelyn throws for her magazine-cover photos.

  • Tami interviews potential surrogate mothers; Saniy'yah hosts a garden party; Malaysia approaches Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn on some boiling issues; and Jackie and BJ have words that push Jackie to her limits.

  • Jackie throws her "love your body party". Malaysia feels snubbed by Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn. Cristen divides her friendship with Jackie.

  • The women travel to Palm Springs for a celebratory weekend; Evelyn surprises Cristen; Malaysia invites a friend to dinner.

  • Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn meet with Jackie; Brandi Maxiell returns to Los Angeles; Evelyn celebrates exciting news about her IVF treatment.

  • Shaunie tries to broker a peace treaty between Tami and Evelyn; Jackie hosts a wine safari to bring her friends together; Malaysia returns.

  • Jackie throws a party to celebrate becoming a grandmother, but a confrontation with Tami spoils the evening. Later, Shaunie supports Evelyn as she begins her IVF treatment; and Tami hosts a book signing and leaves Jackie off the guest list, but that doesn't stop Jackie from making an appearance.

  • Evelyn and Jackie place their differences aside while newcomer Bonnie-Jill, the league's first female scout, accidentally discovers herself in the middle of some tension between Tami and Jackie.

  • In the Season 6 premiere, Evelyn relocates to L.A. and rejoins her best friend, Shaunie, and her old enemy, Tami.

  • Shaunie counts down Evelyn and Tami's top ten wildest moments in Basketball Wives history.

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